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Garden Design Tips

Fall Clean Up Tips:

October, November and early December are the perfect time to get your yard in order for the winter. Fall clean up can take several sessions as foliage drops. If you have more deciduous trees, you’ll want to spend several days over a period of time on your fall clean up.

First remove any large limbs and twigs from the ground. Check your trees for any limbs that may have broken over the season and may be hanging from the trees, and remove these.

Next rake all the heavy leaves and remove them from the property or spread them in the woods. For your grass to stay healthy over the winter, it should be clear of debris. You can also chop the leaves and store them as compost for the following year. Retain some of the leaves and use them around the base of your rose bushes to protest them from the winder cold. If you are planting bulbs you can pack the leaves over the bulb bed, to deter any squirrels from disturbing the bed.

Next evaluate all your flower beds. Cut any dead stems and foliage away. Grasses can be cut at this time, but can also be cut early spring before they start to show growth. Cut back any early blooming spring and summer flowering shrubs, such as roses, lilacs and azaleas. Do not prune hydrangeas until spring. Rake your beds free from any debris, although some leaf coverage will protect the plant roots. You can add mulch at this time, but it is generally not necessary until spring.

Fertilize all the flower beds and shrubs one last time before winter. Use Holly Tone for evergreens, hydrangeas, rhododendrons, holly bushes and azaleas; Rose Tone for the rose bushes. It is not necessary to fertilize your perennial beds until spring. Use a winterizer on your lawn. This will assure green growth for the spring and summer months.

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